Is there such a thing as a quiet firework?

Posted by Mark Neville on September 26, 2013 0 Comments

You might have thought so tonight as AccuWeather let me down and I had to pass up on a bit of Cat 2 this evening.  But seriously, and on this topic, I’ve had three or four requests for quiet / low noise fireworks this week which is rather unusual and to be honest there’s not a great selection available.

Of course, we all have different opinions on what constitutes a low noise firework.  For all those into Armageddon, Midnight Thunder and Imperial Salute everything else is low noise but for the rest of us does low noise mean ‘no bangs’ or ‘no whistles’ or ‘no crackles’.  If it’s all three then there is just about nothing on the market but if it really means no bangs then there are still a few good pieces around.

At ground level there are plenty of fountains available, Jumping Jelly Beans with probably the lowest noise and then items like Amazing Spray and Krakatoa with a bit of crackle.  You can also pick up something like a Krazy Klock but is this really low noise as it does have a serious shrieking alarm during its display, (brilliant for the kids though)?

For aerial products it gets much harder.  There are quite a lot of small cakes from Brothers and Cosmic Astra in their Cat 2 range that could genuinely be called low noise but as the cakes increase in size so does the noise.  Blockbuster Bouquet has a great stream of coloured pearls but a five bang volley finale.  Similarly, Golden Eye is nice and quiet until the final row of shots.  Night Vision is a great little cake with a very fast Z-shaped firing pattern but there is still a bit of a bang to actually get the shots out of the tube.  Of the larger pieces perhaps Zero2Sixty fits the bill but this is out of stock just about across the country and nothing more arriving before 5th November so another option has disappeared.

Sadly, I’m not going to be able to do much about it this year but if the trend continues I think I’ll have to invest in some ‘serious’ quiet fireworks for those in a noise restricted area, (although I can’t quite get the hang of firework and quiet in the same sentence).


Night Vision was £18 now £12

105 Shots - Z FAN
12 Seconds

Rapid Z firing pearls in red, green, blue, white, gold and purple. Superb zigzagging effect



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