Garden Fireworks don’t have to be Naff!

Posted by Mark Neville on September 27, 2013 0 Comments


Cool and clear this evening so it was just about perfect for a little bit of Cat 2.  With a light breeze running front to back to take away any smoke I couldn’t really have asked for better.

So how did they perform?  Did they live up to my expectations?  NO surprise, surprise, here, … they certainly did.  And every time I fire Cat 2 I’m reminded of the vast difference in performance and effects from what we traditionally called garden fireworks many years ago, (basically a little selection box with a few ad-ons), and what is available today. 

I’m still very impressed with AF Pyro, (Absolutes), garden range.  Dazzling Colours was superb with good size breaks, excellent colours and plenty of loud reports whilst both Summit and Sunset performed really well.  Just a shame Gold Rush isn’t arriving for another month because if it lives up to the video it will be brilliant as a garden firework finale and at only £14 at Stealth Fireworks a real bargain.

Of the Brothers products I fired, Starring… was once again the star of the show but Air Strike with its 144 whistling and popping penlids and all three Ninjas with their great range of colours would make most Top 10 Lists.  Add to that Crimson Dynamo which is an exciting new cake, (full of red and gold so no surprise there then), and you have another that I would recommend for any back garden display.

In the end I didn’t fire any Fountains because I don’t need to be reminded of how good they are but I decided to go ahead with the Catherine Wheels.  Half the fun here of course is whether you can get them to spin and yet still stay attached to the post, fence, tree, bird table or whatever else you decide to use.  With a nice big post at the corner of one of the fields I was able to successfully light all three Reliant Wheels, (great value), and the single Ferris Wheel.  Whilst nothing else for me will quite match the effects of Fiery Eye, (Cat 3), these had plenty of colour, spark and direction changes.

I now feel temporarily sated and I’ve run out of plausible excuses for firing anything else this side of BFN.  But fear not, I have a cunning plan.  I am still missing three dummies, two big Comic Single Ignitions and one Cosmic large Cake.  Maybe a quick firing next weekend to create my last three dummies?  I’ll let you know and post some video if I get to do it of course. 

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