Some Good Old Favourites

Posted by Mark Neville on September 29, 2013 0 Comments

Times change, and so do fireworks!  As some of you will know, I’ve been a ‘firework fanatic’ for over 50 years and I’ve seen some pretty decent pyro in that time.  My childhood memories of whirlygigs and aeroplanes that had no guaranteed direction of flight were great fun, as were the Jumping Jacks I used to drop beside my sister and her friends.  But the original Traffic Lights with its three colour changing fountain of …. wait for it …. red, amber(ish) and green remains one of my earliest firework favourites.  And I’d probably add Standard’s “Jack in the Box” and “Mount Vesuvius” as other early favourites.

So, as time has passed, so have many fireworks, sadly no longer available in today’s retail outlets like Stealth Fireworks.  And over the years, the noise level has first gone up and then come back down and effects improve and then subside and on top of that legislation is ‘enacted’ on a fairly regular basis to protect us from ourselves.

But what of recent ‘Old Favourites’, I hear you cry!  For me, these fall into two categories; those I’ve loved in the last few years that are no longer available and those still there for everyone to enjoy. 

Gone but not forgotten (and I’m talking about originals only and not recent copies!): Lake of Sapphires, Powerstation 3, Renegade Mine, Mammoth Cone, Tigers Revenge, Armageddon, Daisy Wheel Barrage, Molten Krypton, Paroxysm.  I could go on and on and on, but alas, I can no longer buy them or sell them.

My Favourites still available today:  Cheeky Cherries, our biggest selling small cake; Starring, superb colours in this Cat 2 cake; Spin Master and Siren Call, a pair of loud 16 shot barrages; Medusa, excellent static fan in red and silver; Airboss II, a rapid firing fanned finale piece; Fiery Eye, still the best Catherine Wheel I’ve seen but sadly in its last year and finally those awesome Black Gemini Rockets.

I’m sure you will all have your different favourites and fond memories of certain pyro items over the years but look on the bright side.  There can always be a New ‘Old Favourite’ next year! 


Black Gemini Rocket Pack (9)


Black Gemini Rockets  £30 

Very Loud Bangs & Crackles
9 x Rockets – 1.3G
10 Seconds x 9

9 superb 1.3G rockets
Effects include combinations of willows, brocades, palms, strobes, peonies and crackling chrysanthemums and time rain, all with very loud reports


For collection only from our firework shop Totton,Southampton, Hampshire

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