Counting Down the Days

Posted by Mark Neville on October 01, 2013 0 Comments

That’s it!  We’ve reached the 1st October and that is my interpretation of ‘firework season officially opened’.  Although still predominantly a Bonfire Night / New Year’s Eve calendar event, fireworks are slowly being used more and more as a celebration.  Frequently we are asked to design self-fire displays for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, Father’s Day,  and even the occasional wake.

We have a Golden Wedding anniversary coming up soon, (not mine, I hasten to add), and I’m planning to have a V-shaped funnel of golden Krakatoa fountains fired one after another leading the eye to a central point where I’ll fire half a dozen Brocade Legends from Brothers with a case of the really superb King Rocket gold hanging brocade fired overhead.  Let’s hope they really, really like gold!

And of course, similar opportunities exist for Silver Wedding Anniversaries, (silver), Ruby Wedding Anniversaries, (red), birth of a boy, (blue), birth of a girl, (pink), and the list goes on and on providing you with just about any excuse you want to have fireworks any day of the year.  So, with Stealth Fireworks, Southampton, Hampshire open all year round with a selection of bargain fireworks you can add that extra bit of magic to any event.



Brocade Legend


Brocade Legend £38

Loud Bangs & Crackles
28 Shots
45 Seconds

Red star mine effect to gold brocade, gold glitter mine effect to gold brocade and a rapid fire finale volley of mine effects and brocades with loud reports


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