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Over the last few years barrage packs have been a welcome addition to the firework community.  They have provided a simple selection of pre-packed fireworks without the multiple fountains often found in selection boxes.  And whilst there is nothing wrong with selection boxes and fountains for anyone in a rush picking up an all aerial barrage box can be a lot simpler than selecting individual fireworks and then wondering if there’s enough money to pay for them.

At our firework shop in Southampton, Hampshire, we have a very good range of Barrage Packs.  Suitable for both Garden (Cat2) displays, the Arctic Barrage Box or the bigger Aztec Barrage Box, or Cat 3 Displays utilising the Hell Raiser Barrage Box or the mighty Brothers Choice Barrage Box or stepping up in quantity with the Battle Star Barrage Box or Shock Wave Barrage Box from Cosmic. Whichever way you look at it there are plenty of options for the quick ‘in and out’ customer in their normal daily rush.

Sadly missing from this year’s option though will be the new Klondyke Mesh Barrage Box from AF Pyro.  Typhoons in the Far East have meant that the containers with this stock have not made it onto the water in time for November 5th.  Although, on the bright side, this does give you a really good excuse to try them out for New Year, (always assuming they’ve landed by then)!


Shock Wave Barrage Pack (9)


Shock Wave Barrage Pack (9)

Multi-coloured Effects
Loud Bangs, Crackles & Whistles
166 Shots (9 Items)
290 Seconds

Superb barrage pack with 9 large fireworks and a total of 166 shots. There are a multitude of colours and effects including, palm, dahlia, brocade and peony bursts with very bright colours and excellent loud reports

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