Can you hear me? ….. “I SAID IT’S NOT ALL ABOUT NOISE!”

Posted by Mark Neville on October 03, 2013 0 Comments

I may have said that once or twice, well just once to be honest because without the noise how do you know it really is a firework.  It doesn’t always have to be an earth-shattering bang but it’s got to at least whistle, screech or crackle, (loudly!)

In years gone by I often started a display with a couple of 500, 1000 or 1500 shot Chinese Crackers, just to make sure my audience was properly awake.  They were fantastic for getting everyone’s attention but oh, the clear up of all that red paper seemed to take for ever.  And then when Chinese Crackers made it onto the ‘undesirable’ list I switched to Cube’s Renegade Mines and now that that has gone as well I tend to use either Brothers Fire Mine or Diamond Minefor starters.

Now let battle commence and for the true ‘noise enthusiasts’ we still have some pretty potent fireworks on offer.  AF Pyro’s Jitterbug and Mojo are surprisingly loud for their size whilst Apocolypse and Rio Grandeat the top end are also very loud as are the King Cobra Rockets.

Brothers weigh in with both Hercules, (the original), Open Fire, (the original), and their Brothers Choice Barrage pack and some very loud whistle/screech in Sapphire Supercharge whilst Cosmic ramps up the decibels with Armageddon and Midnight Thunder in their Single Ignition range and Space Hawks and Death Stars in their rocket range.

And of course we all love the odd sparkler ….. like I said, it’s not all about noise


Open Fire


Open Fire now £65 was £76

Very Loud Bangs
33 Shots
45 Seconds

Gold, red and green tails to multiple huge gold brocades with very loud reports. Fired in singles, triples and multiples to the left right and centre with a crackling gold chrysanthemum finale. An old favourite and real crowd pleaser

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