It’s PARTY time but don’t bring a bottle, bring a bottle rocket!

Posted by Mark Neville on October 07, 2013 0 Comments

A common request back in the 60s, but now, current legislation means that if you have been invited to a Bonfire Night party / celebration / shindig etc. and you feel you should take something with you, you can no longer substitute a bottle rocket for the bottle of vino.  Great shame really.  One of my childhood ‘firework’ memories is my Dad placing a small rocket in an empty pint milk bottle, lighting the fuse and shouting ‘everybody duck’!  Perhaps it was the erratic flight that got them banned, or maybe it was simply the demise of the gold old milk bottle.

Still, enough of the history lesson.  So what do you do today when someone says come to my bonfire party and bring a firework?

Firstly if you are going to a party with lots of other guests and you’ve all been asked to bring a firework the first rule is do not turn up with a selection box!  Selection boxes are great and something like a Conqueror Selection Box for the back garden or a Jupiter Selection Box for a bigger display is fantastic value, but not to take to a ‘bring a firework’ party.  Imagine if everyone turned up with a selection box.  The host would still be there lighting the last one on November 5th next year, assuming he wasn’t tempted to throw them on the bonfire instead.

So you need to decide the type of impression you want to make.  Are you trying to bring the biggest firework, the loudest firework, the most expensive firework or just something pretty.  The choice is massive but over the years I’ve discovered that some fireworks attract more ‘party’ people than others.

Biggest fireworkLunar Legends, Appollo Legends, (I know it’s spelt wrong but that’s what it says on the firework), and Solar Legends are all Roman Candles measuring over 1 metre in length along have proved very popular, along with the enormous box of King-Dom Rockets

Loudest firework – probably quite a few of the 1.3G single ignitions would fit the bill but our ‘party’ sales suggest the King Cobra Rocket Pack, Midnight Thunder, Imperial Salute and Apocolypse are the most popular for a big bang.

Most expensive firework – I won’t go there because anyone can over pay for a firework if they really want to, and paying the most doesn’t mean you get the best!

Prettiest firework – often seen as the domain of the fountain, but of course beauty is always in the eye of the beholder so it could be anything.  Star Glitter and Rainbow Fountain are very pretty fountains whilst cakes such as Flames of Passion has lovely pinks and greens and Night Vision has masses of fast tracking colour making them a regular buy.  And even some of the big single ignitions are very, very pretty, (not just loud), with Atomic Warlord, Alien Invasion and Krypton Blast just topping the polls.

But if you’re just not sure or only want to spend a set £10 or £20 come and see us at our fireworks shop in Southampton, Hampshire and we’ll make sure that you’re not the one having to do the walk of shame at the end of the night.


Galactic Finale

Galactic Finale

Loud Bangs & Crackles
135 Shots - FAN
86 Seconds

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