No choice left but to fire them!

Posted by Mark Neville on October 11, 2013 0 Comments

Just one of those things, but I’ve been left with no choice but to fire them, (some extra fireworks, that is).

I’ve been let down on a few dummies, leaving me with the only option of making them myself.  Life sure is hard!  And wouldn’t you know it, it’s some of the big single ignitions.

As luck would have it, it’s going to be a crisp, clear night tomorrow, (AccuWeather is back in favour), and my local ‘pyro’ enthusiast has once again offered the use of his extremely large firing site.  I really can confirm that life is hard sometimes 

So tomorrow night I’m firing Cosmic Astra’s Comet Blitz and Skycrafter’s Swords of Fire as the warm up act and then Brother’s Open Fire, (the original of course), followed by Cosmic’s Phantom Menace and Alien Invasion.  I might even send up some Death Star Rockets just to close things off.  And by this time tomorrow it’s always possible that I’ll need some duplicate dummies in case I damage one by mistake and I’ll have to fire one or two extras “just in case”.

If all goes well I’ll post some video of what we fire.  There’s already film on the website at Stealth Fireworks but it’s nice to update whenever possible, (any excuse really).

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