All Year Round Fireworks South East


 Hello Fellow Firework Enthusiast 

I am Mark and my interest in suppling All Year Round Fireworks South East started over 45 years ago, (my birthday is in November), when I first went round to the corner shop and bought a few small garden fireworks with my 1 shilling pocket money!  I would then spend a week behind the settee where I would take them out of the metal tin one by one and feel them, shake them, (uh oh! we do not advise shaking All Year Round Fireworks, please read our firework safety tips here), and write on a list of what they did before my Dad lit them.

Now, 40 years later, together with my pyro mad wife Lizzie, we are the proud owners of Stealth Fireworks. Our original fireworks shop, set up in 2005, was in Romsey, Hampshire but we quickly outgrew that one and in 2006 moved to our current premises in Totton, Southampton.  From there, we have successfully grown our all year round sales business, both direct to our Customers at the shop and through our internet site allowing people to buy fireworks online and now offer over 250 different fireworks for you to choose from.

We are passionate about suppling All Year Round Fireworks South East and carefully select which items to stock to enable you to have the best possible display; so for us it’s all about quality, performance, timing and of course price.  Fireworks are all we do, (nothing else is in our shop), so we dedicate 100% of our time to our pyro!

We take great pride in the range of fireworks we offer and as an independent company we can pick the very best from all the leading suppliers such as AbsoluteBrothersCosmicFireworks International,Kimbolton and Royal Party.  

Customer service is a top priority for us and we also offer a little old fashion courtesy.  If you ring the 0800 169 0288 number you will always get to speak to Lizzie or myself.

We hope you enjoy your visit to our website and our All Year Round Fireworks.